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view to the flooded basement, down the stairs

It rains a lot in Dublin. I don’t think anyone would dispute that. That’s true of all of Ireland, hence the reason it is so green all year round. The Emerald Isle. Or as my 8-year thought it was called, The Emerald Eye. So, it wasn’t a big deal at first when it rained constantly throughout a recent Sunday and then into Monday. Granted the rain was heavier than normal. The rain is normally light, even if it is constant. Come Monday night, I had decided to make a really great dinner, partly to combat the rain emotionally and partly because I knew John had had a rough day. He texted me and said that it sounded so good, could he invite a co-worker and his wife, who live only a few blocks from us. No problem. But this would require placemats and hand towels in the guest bath. For some reason, Sophie had been playing with the towels down in the playroom, so I sent her down there to retrieve them. This was about 7. John and friends arrived and dinner ensued. Towards the end, John excused himself to the restroom. He quickly returned and announced, “there’s water flowing in under the door from the outside and its going down the stairs into the basement. It’s all flooded.” In about 45 minutes. We go look….sure enough, the whole basement was covered in about six inches of water. As the night wore on, the water keep rising. The rain kept falling, the sewer drains backed up, the tide rose to high and the Dodder River, which runs behind our house, breached its banks. Now, before this night I didn’t even know the river’s name and would have thought it rather grand to even call it a river. It was more of a creek in my mind. It showed me. The basement filled with water to the ceiling, then came up the stairs to the next landing. The tv room at the back of the house flooded, with water spewing in from one of the glass doors’ seals that was not able to hold. But we did watch the water rise outside all the glass for several hours before it started coming in. I rose from the sunken tv room into the kitchen finally, reaching about 3-4 inches high. High enough to disable all the appliances. The other distressing thing was that all the home’s utilities were located in the basement. Water heater, which also provides the heat for the radiators, the controls for everything. While this was a HUGE bummer, it turns out we were lucky.

Flooded kitchen & family room

Friends one house over were flooded up to their kitchen counters and now have had to move into a small sublet for several months. With a 3 year old and 2-year old twins. They had only been in the house a month when this happened. Another stroke of luck for us was that our landlord, who lives right next door, was ON it. He had the insurance people and the workers at our home at 9am the day after the flood, assessing the damage and pumping out the water. The last time this happened in Ballsbridge (our hood) was over 30 years ago and was much worse. But it certainly made me feel lucky. Lucky to have a great landlord and lucky that we didn’t own this house. It’s kind of great to be able to call someone else to sort it all out. Now, does anyone know where I can get a used ark cheap? You know….just in case.

November 24, 2011 - Posted by gothamfamily