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While this is not about the England trip, I wanted to address something that everyone seems fascinated with: how much food costs here compared to home. That is the one question I get asked more than any. So, here goes: it’s more. A lot more, not even taking into account the dollar to euro conversion, which also bites. Ireland is essentially a big island, so it’s like living in Hawaii in one way only: almost everything gets flown in. Other than beef, dairy, and bread, everything is more expensive. Fruit is really outrageous. A small contain of berries, let’s say ¼ pint, is about $4. Strawberries are about 4xs as much as at home and not as good. Other berries however, like the blueberries, are the best I have ever tasted. Super sweet! The selection of brands is very close to what we have at home. A big thing here is fresh pre-made food. They have great, freshly made food packaged to go practically everywhere.
Another thing that is strikingly different are the convenience stores. Most of them seem to be a local brand, SPAR. They carry the usual convenience store items….overpriced toilet paper and milk. But they also have freshly made sandwiches, soups and even hot food. I would never eat something “fresh” from the convenience stores back home. But here, it’s really nice. Sometimes, they even have little table and chairs on the sidewalk in front.
In my on-going quest to find my peeps, I crashed a Mommy and New Baby boot camp last week. I had headed up towards the water for a run. Once I got up to the beach area, I noticed a small group of women with buggies working out on the grass. I went up and found out that it was a formal boot camp. The teacher asked if I wanted to try it out. I said sure, so I had an hour of unexpected boot camp. It was great, except that I was reminded that I am a rickety clown. I plan to go back this week. And this time I’ll take baby Noah.

July 17, 2011 - Posted by gothamfamily