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Dublin is a great city, with a lot to offer anyone who is lucky enough to spend some time there. But spend enough time and you quickly realize that the one thing it doesn’t offer is sun. So, we knew we had to get out and see the sun for at least some part of the kids’ two week spring break. Spring break…that’s what we call it. But every time you say that in Ireland, they look at you funny until you correct yourself and say “Easter break”. It’s like, they know what spring is and they know what a break is. They just cannot reconcile those two things when they are put together. Anyway, to guarantee ourselves some sun, we had booked ten days in Palma, Mallorca. I have never been to the Baeleric Islands and have always wanted to go. (Years ago, when I lived as a student in Spain, the cheapest way to travel around was by Eurorail pass. You paid a ridiculous low fee for a yearlong pass and could get anywhere around Europe that was reachable by train and in some few instances ferries that were part of the scheme. The Baelerics was not included in this and buying a flight there was about as feasible for my broke student self as flying to the moon.) I was excited to have some time in the sun with the kids and John, show them some of the beautiful Easter processions that Spain offers, and generally just enjoy. Probably eat a lot of jamon in the process as well.

Both Noah and I had birthdays while we were in Mallorca. For mine, we went into Palma as a family and had a lovely paella lunch at C’an Eduardo and then walked around the town a bit. The restaurant was on the waterfront and had a lovely view of the giant cathedral.


For Noah’s a few days later, we took a trip across the mountains to the village of Soller. There is a lovely old restored wooden train that runs across the mountains from Palma to Soller. Since he is obsessed with train, I thought that would be a good idea. He loved it and was excited the whole hour ride over. It doesn’t take much to please a 2-year. (But it doesn’t take much to piss them off either.)

One of the funniest parts of the trip was that Linc decided to buy a fedora. He saw a felt one in a kids’ clothing store that was really cute. But it was too small, so I wouldn’t buy it. He was furious with me. But then we found one that was his size and more summery to boot. He looked so cool and got lots of compliments from strangers. You could see John John feeling torn. Now he really wanted one too, because it WAS cool. But he didn’t WANT to want anything that Lincoln has or to want to be like Linc in anyway. The core of his whole beef with his younger brother is that they are so different. I could almost see the internal struggle. Then Sophie got a fedora too. That was too much. Now John couldn’t resist. So he caved and got one too. At times, it looked like John and I were raising some sort of mini-mafia.

One of the days, John and I rented a car to drive around the island. We saw some really beautiful places. I’ve decided that if we ever come back, I would love to stay in Deia. What a gorgeous place! Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks so, as the little place we ate lunch had lots of photos of famous people on the wall that had also eaten there.

There was this one abandoned house smack in the middle of the village. It looked amazing and I wondered if it was for sale. I had fantasies of summers in the small village, waving to the abuelas as we walk to the market or down to the sea. I looked and looked online, but couldn’t find any info. That’s okay though….it’s still a great daydream.












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