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October 21, 2011 - Posted by gothamfamily

It’s always interesting to go somewhere new and have your notions of how life should be challenged. Sometimes this is done in a major way through politics or religion. But more often its achieved through the minutia of daily life, like food and grocery bags. For example, in Ireland the government now requires that all grocery stores charge for bags. The result is that most people bring their own bags each time. The stores all sell bags in a range of qualities and prices from a crappy plastic one for about 5 cents to a really nice woven one with handles for about $3, that Pottery Barn would probably sell for $45 as “the Ultimate picnic bag”. This is great, right? Good for the environment, etc. However, I almost ALWAYS forget my bags. Even when I put them in the back of the car for next time, when I get to the store, I have no bags. So I buy more. I will own 10,947 grocery bags by the time I leave here. But that really is a user error. So, here are my lists:

Things I Love

1. Nice, reusable grocery bags

2. Fresher produce, meat, & dairy

3. Being able to walk many places

4. The kids’ international school

5. That people get out and do stuff, no matter the weather.

6. Being able to easily get foods that are considered exotic or foreign at home (Indian, Spanish)


Things I Should Love but Secretly Hate

1. The resuable grocery bags – only because I never remember to re-use!

2. Fresher food – I have never had to throw away sliced bread after three days before.

3. Being able to walk many places – sometimes I am just lazy and take a cab anyway.

4. The kids’ international school – I feel like an outsider sometimes. Plus, I could’ve lived my whole life without hearing “Blowin’ in the Wind” sung in German.

5. The expectation that you should go out and do something in spite of the bad weather.

6. Lack of foods that I miss…..Mexican, more than one kind of sausage, mac-n-cheese.


All of this is good for me and makes me get out of my rut. But I will admit that there are days when I wish I were back in my rut. Maybe redecorating it or something. I am sure when I go home I will lament the lack of good Indian food in the grocery store and our blatant disregard for the environment with all those free plastic grocery bags. But then again, I can just bring back some of the 10,947 bags I will have amassed here. Best of both worlds!!





October 4, 2011 - Posted by gothamfamily